Year 11 Drama students see 'April's Fool'

Thursday 21 Mar 2019 by Senior School

Last week, the Year 11 Drama class had the opportunity to view Grin & Tonic’s gripping production of April’s Fool.

In April 2009, two weeks short of his nineteenth birthday, Toowoomba teenager Kristjan died due to complications from illicit drug use. Using the words of Kristjan’s friends and family interviewed over many months, and inspired by the journal of Kristjan’s father, David Burton (playwright) has dramatised a powerful story of love, loss, and sadness, with touching humour.

Directed by Jason Klarwein, Alex and Brooke from the award winning Queensland touring company Grin & Tonic were brilliant, skilfully playing multiple roles in the stirring and sometimes harrowing performance that thoroughly captivated the students.

It was a great opportunity to engage with live Theatre, where students gain appreciation for performance and engage in a thought-provoking experience together.