Cert III students gain practical experience

Friday 30 Nov 2018 by Senior School

We are so excited for the students in the Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology 10432NAT course, who have completed two years of study and ministry training.


In 2018, these Senior students have been teaching Religious Instruction (RI) to Grade 1 and Grade 3 classes at Wellington Point State School and Birkdale South State School. Following an approved program from the Bible Society, our students have really enjoyed engaging with the young children as they witness Christ’s love and relate Bible stories that demonstrate the truth of the Gospel message.


In doing so, our students have developed ministry and communication skills that have been outstanding, equipping them for further ministry in their local churches. Redlands College acknowledges the support of our local Pastors and youth group leaders who have willingly mentored and trained our students over the past two years. We look forward to continuing this professional relationship with the new Year 10 cohort who are now commencing their training.


We would also like to acknowledge the kind support of the Principals at WPSS and BSSS for generously allowing our students to deliver the RI program at their schools. We are encouraged by the growth in the program at each school and appreciate the expert assistance of the Primary class teachers, who are present in every class.


The photos displayed are of the 2018 team of RI teachers, all studying the Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology 10432NAT course. There’s also a photo (below) of a “Fruits of the Spirit” game that one student, Kate, devised for her final lesson to the Grade 3 students. Kate and the other students consistently put in a huge effort in preparing for the RI classes.