QATSIF afternoon tea

Wednesday 03 Oct 2018 by Senior School

On Wednesday afternoon the College held a Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation (QATSIF) afternoon tea at Revive Cafe.  Special guest Uncle Barry Watson, a Christian indigenous elder and Community Development Officer with the Communities for Children, shared with two year 10 students and their families applying for a QATSIF QCE Scholarship to support their senior study in year 11 and 12.  


Uncle Barry spoke with Year 10 students Teagan Olssen and Raquel Bryant about the importance of being proud of their culture and heritage as young Christian indigenous girls. He shared the metaphor of driving a car which has a front windscreen and a rear view mirror. The front windscreen is important to keep focused on the future but the rear vision mirror is important because it lets you know the past which is important when moving forward towards the future.












Bettina Pool shared with the guests her indigenous heritage and her uncle’s achievement as a well renowned indigenous artist whose artwork is featured in Paris galleries.


It was a wonderful afternoon of sharing and learning about opportunities for our students of Indigenous and Torres Strait islander heritage to use their education to empower and connect their past, present and future.