Senior Schools Cup Volleyball results

Wednesday 19 Sep 2018 by Sport@Redlands

Open Honours Boys

Not many schools can claim to have placed third in the Open Honours Division of their respective state volleyball tournament; an achievement reserved for teams with tremendous talent and even greater determination. However, while medals provide self-pride and internal confidence better than any token, the Open boys of Redlands College recognised the true meaning of their success only when they stopped playing for themselves and started playing for each other and the pride of their school.  This development alone warrants praise by teachers and peers and should serve as a benchmark mindset for future generations.

Despite achieving our goal of qualifying for the Open Honours Division at the Australian Volleyball Schools cup in Melbourne, we are by no means satisfied as we aim to challenge the top volleyball schools nationwide and gain permeance for Redlands College as a school of excellence in all regards.

Open Honours Boys

Open Girls Div 1

What an amazing weekend of volleyball! Although the open girls did not come away with a medal it was great to see all the girls working as a team to produce a tough competition. Growth within the team over the weekend was immense with the girls transferring skills produced in training into the games producing some of the best volleyball that they have played together. It was also great to see the individual growth of each person from the new player to the older leaders of the group bettering themselves and building more confidence point after point. I’m very proud of all the girls and am looking forward to what we can produce for future competitions!


11 Girls Div 1

This weekend was a fantastic opportunity for growth, as the girls’ teamwork and skills improved with each game. New and younger athletes were exposed to playing alongside and against more experienced teams, which has resulted in accelerated skill development and a growth in passion for the sport. This team should be proud of how far they have come in such a short amount of time, winning 2 games over the weekend and using our losses as positive experiences to learn from. The girls gained valuable volleyball experience and strengthened their bonds as a team. Looking forward to see what the future holds for these young athletes.


Year 11 Division 2 Boys

After a weekend of ups and downs, the boys finished placing 7th overall with some great volleyball to show for it. The goal for this tournament was to implement the two new players Christian and Dom into the team and give them a feel as to what volleyball was about. I was very impressed with the boys attitude towards playing and have become exceptionally better over the 3 days. The weekend included some close matchups and high quality games. Although it may have not been the result the boys wanted, they showcased some great volleyball to watch and I was most impressed with their improvement.