A student perspective on a Sports Gala Day experience

Monday 17 Sep 2018 by Sport@Redlands

The Year 6 and 7 AFL boys share their perspective on what it means to them to be part of a gala team:


"The jam-packed adrenaline of running with the footy in AFL. The whole team collaborated with one another and scored the place of 4th. Every man in the squadron showed true grit and persistence. Everyone enjoyed themselves, even though we didn’t win; we had fun (we learnt it is the most important thing) and went home a happy winner."

"The thing that went well in our team was that everyone participated together and that everyone played to their very best. The thing that we liked was playing together as a team on gala day."

"We liked the training drills and then the mini games that we played at the end of the training session. As a team we all played well and worked well together as a team to play well at the gala days even though we didn’t win. We all have enjoyed having a very good knowledgeable coach."

"We thought it was great and most of the players had really good skills and techniques. Even though we lost most of our games we thought we still grew as a team in skill and knowledge of AFL. We learnt how to work and play like a team."