Student Achievements in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Thursday 30 Aug 2018 by Achievements@Redlands

Piper Bastow (Year 2), Annabelle Perkins (Year 1), Olivia Dougherty (Year 2) & Ashley Milnes (Year 1) represented Redlands College in the Rhythmic Gymnastics 'Skools' Junior Challenge 1 held on June 23 where they came 3rd.  They also competed on July 21 at Stretton College and they will be competing in the Queensland State Championships next Friday 17 August 2018 at Carrara (Gold Coast).

Congratulations also to Ashley Milnes and Annabelle Perkins who came 1st in the Junior 'Skools' program on Saturday 23 June and also on Saturday 21 July where they represented Redlands College.

Ashley and Annabelle