Back to School Survival Guide For Parents

Monday 07 May 2018 by Joe Anchor

When purchasing back-to-school necessities, I always think of Abraham Lincoln and his famous saying “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” What President Lincoln meant to say is that preparation and organisation are preconditions for literally everything! Do not let your kid go back to school without all the necessities. As Lincoln put it so eloquently – you cannot successfully end a school year without the required school supplies.
But where to start? Here are some of the items your little pupil will definitely need:

School Bag Supplies

•Paper clips
•Hand sanitizer
•Water bottle
•Lunch box

•Cell phone
•Emergency charger
•USB stick

Stationery for Homework

•Pens (red, blue, and black)



Sports Gear

•Sports bag

Some things we tend to forget because our kids do not necessarily bring them to school. However, some of them might cost a bit more.



Nowadays, learning and doing homework can’t be imagined without a tablet or computer. Redlands College prefer an iPad because it is portable and kids can bring it to school when needed.



There are all sorts of printers available on the market, and you do not have to go for the most expensive one. A simple cheap model will do the task just nicely.

3.Ink Cartridges

Do not forget to buy new ink cartridges. Don’t bring yourself into a situation where your kid has to print out their project or homework – and the cartridges are empty!


4.Printing paper

… Which brings us to the next thing we often forget – printing paper. Your kid will need a ton of it during a school year no matter which grade he’s in. And if you ever run out of paper… – poor kid, he’d have to make up a dog that feeds on homeworks, and the teacher was so sure he’s outgrown that phase by the 5th grade, etc

If you are still unfamiliar with what you (if you are in high school or college) or your kid will need for the next school year, you can find your school requirements list on Officemax Schools. For more information on how to log into the website, you can visit this link.
If You Want to Go Over the Top

If you want to be THAT mom, you can even purchase a fancy chandelier for your kid’s locker, and not to mention a see-through stapler, golden organizer, glitter pens in almost every color, and unicorn keyboard covers. However, this can no longer be considered as basic sharpening of an axe.

When it comes to success, the key is in preparation and if you like making lists – here’s a great opportunity for you! Inform on what school supplies your kid will need during the next school year, make a list, and lose yourself on a shopping spree! Staying organized is fun and important not just for your own sake – to remember everything you still need to get; but it is also important to show a good example to your little student and help him build useful habits. To be a successful student, and a banker or lawyer or doctor later in life, your little one will need every tool in the box, literally, not just books, notebooks, calculators and things; but, skills, good habits and personal traits.Now that you’re all set, the next school year should be easy-peasy. For both of you!