Antarctic Bonanza!

Sunday 29 Apr 2018 by Library@Redlands

A Samoyed dog who becomes a celebrity, a teacher who dresses as a polar bear whilst in the snow, kids of all ages inspired to write, the last dog sled from Antarctica, the softest penguin wing feathers, the hardest dried biscuits supplied to Antarctic personnel – what a feast of fantastic fun in the Library!

Antarctic Dog Sled Antarctic library Antarctic Display




Miss Faulkner shared amazing footage and stories of her time in Antarctica (as only Miss Faulkner could!) She is one hilarious lady who makes learning very entertaining. We all know that polar bears don’t live in Antarctica but she dressed up as one whilst there just to disprove that fact. Penguin tour guide, icebergs, a snow-sliding Papa (Fritas) Faulkner, noisy seals and camping on the snow all featured.

Miss Faulkner's Antarctic Adventure

Salty the Samoyed dog came to visit and lapped up all attention offered by the many students who encountered him. He showed why the Samoyed was one of the favoured breeds for sled pulling. A very thick coat and big feet help in that role. He took his celebrity status in his stride. Thank you to Mrs Passfield (Dakota’s mum) for bringing Salty to the Library.

 Smoyed Dog Visit Samoyed

A very big thanks also to Mrs Carswell (mum of Indi and Neve) for organising the transport of the sled through the family’s trucking company. None of this could have happened without her help. Thanks also to Mr Reed and Mr Jones from Maintenance for their help getting the sled to the Library.

The writing competition for Years 5 – 12 is due in on Friday, 27 April, two weeks after the holidays. Entries can be handed in to the front desk of the Library. Even one of our Year 2 students was inspired by the display and eagerly began writing as soon as he got home. Well done Jaiden!      

Writing Competition