Choir Workshops

Monday 09 Apr 2018 by Music@Redlands

All Redlands College choirs participated in a choral workshop led by Anita Taylor and Melissa Van Schyndel Saturday March 3rd. The singers devoured new repertoire as well as morning and afternoon tea supplied by Vivien McCann and parents from PMSG.

The students engaged in a get to know you activity that involved improvisation and compositional skills. They were all given a topic and style of music to create and perform an original composition. All students showed excellence in this activity and continued development of their musical and social skills. Some students were asked to help tutor some of the younger students during part tutorials. 

Animato Singers were also excited to perform for their parents, relatives and friends at the end of their session. The singers in Redlands College are gaining confidence in their singing ability and it is a delight to witness their enthusiasm and willingness to have a go. 

Choir Workshop 1

  Choir Workshop 2

Choir Workshop 3

  Choir Workshop 4