Lunchtimes in our Library

Monday 02 Apr 2018 by Library@Redlands
You thought Libraries were quiet and boring? NO! 
Lunchtimes in our Library are a hive of activity!
Currently, our Junior students are stretching their minds meeting Lego challenges, drawing and explaining their creations, even working blindfolded! Lego books provide inspiration for creativity and tempting resources for borrowing.


There is always a comfy chair or cubby available to nestle into with a good book. Many children take advantage of our wide variety of games or toys for imaginative play. Imaginative play is a key element in building language skills, problem solving and awareness of narrative. Recently our Year One children graduated to be able to spend lunchtimes in the Library.  A seething mass of blue excitement and interaction filled the area. 

ComfyReading GirlsCraft

Growth mindset has a home in the Library with something new and interesting always available to make learning fun. Feel free to pop in before school with your child to try a Lego challenge or read a book together. Don't forget we also have a parent library for you to browse and borrow from.
Have you seen the last dog sled ever used in Antarctica? It is currently on display in the Library. Keep an eye out for more photos coming soon and a writing competition based on Antarctica.
Always at your service - love learning in your Library!
Boys in Library Girls in Library