Year 12 Visual Art excursion

Sunday 25 Mar 2018 by Taylor Jewell and Sarah Vermaas, Year 12

On the 2nd of February Year 12 students had the opportunity to attend the Yayoi Kusama and Gerhard Richter exhibitions at GOMA. The purpose of the excursion was for students to gain knowledge and insight into the artist's processes and inspiration for both the students’ making and appraisal tasks this semester. 

Richter Kusama  12 Vis Art 2018_2

The Year 12 students first visited the Gerard Richter exhibition. Richter's exhibition features a wide array of works featuring everything from his bright abstracted paintings and hyper-realistic portraits to a portion of Atlas, a series of photographs that act as a catalogue for Richter's life and experiences. Richter's diversity as an artist allows for pieces with high technical skill and aesthetic purpose to be presented alongside works that reflect his childhood and memory of war torn Germany. 

Richter Kusama  12 Vis Art 2018_7

The students also immersed themselves in the eccentric works of Yayoi Kusama. Bold colours and patterned repetition bring a uniqueness to Kusama’s work attracting audiences from all ages and walks of life. Suffering from hallucinations and anxiety attacks, Kusama has a ‘need’ to make art to ward off her anxieties. This often making her works overwhelming, but also hypnotic and intriguing.

Richter Kusama  12 Vis Art 2018_15

The GOMA exhibitions from Kusama and Richter were a wonderful opportunity for the Year 12 students to immerse themselves in world renowned contemporary art, allowing them to gain more insight into the artists' thought processes and reflect on their own making processes and intentions.

Richter Kusama  12 Vis Art 2018_9