String Workshops

Monday 19 Mar 2018 by Music@Redlands
On the Saturday morning and afternoon in Week 4, the String Ensemble and Chamber Strings students had their annual workshops with their conductor Ms Averi - the first two in a series of workshops for Performance Music ensembles.
The String Ensemble have been developing their sight-reading skills through learning several pieces for a performance at the College Open Morning in Week 5. They are also developing their listening skills, as they learn to not only hold their part against the other parts, but also listen to the other parts, so as to match their tuning and phrasing. Their morning workshop concluded with a brief performance to their parents of what they had learned.
The Chamber Strings students practised advanced sight-reading skills at their afternoon workshop, by sight-reading all of their year's ensemble music. This also served to give them a sense of where the playing challenges lie in each of the pieces, as we come to work on these in more detail throughout the year.


Chamber Strings