Australian Volleyball Schools Cup Competition

Wednesday 31 Jan 2018 by Sport@Redlands

On the 2nd of December 2017, 33 students, five teachers and four coaches flew down to Melbourne for the annual Australian Volleyball Schools Cup competition.

On arrival, no time was wasted as the players headed straight to a training session conducted by Daniel Hutchinson, an alumnus of Redlands College. We all then settled into our accommodation for the week at St Mary’s College, in Parkville, Victoria.

With all three teams playing at different venues and at different times throughout the course of the tournament, it was nice to touch base with each other most nights for dinner at a restaurant called Universal. Although, each team would try to go along to the different venues and support one another when the opportunity presented itself.

Being a week-long tournament, both physical and mental endurance played a major role in the outcome of the matches.

The Open Honours boys finished 7th, the Open Division 2 girls placed 6th and the Junior Honours boys came home with the bronze medal which is a fantastic achievement, especially being their first year competing in the tournament.

Each team significantly improved over the course of the week and can be proud of their achievements.

A special thanks to the teachers and coaches for their guidance, support and belief in the players as none of this would have been possible without them.

However, the hard work paid off making the seven days a week to remember.


Team 29 Redlands


Team 72 Redlands