eSafety@Redlands: Online eSafety courses

Friday 15 Dec 2017 by eSafety@Redlands

I hope the weekly eSafety@redlands blog posts have been a helpful resource for our community throughout the year. To view previous blog posts search the Redlands College website with the search tag ‘eSafety@redlands’.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. May you be blessed this special season.

Dale Lopez


If you haven’t had the chance yet, please take some time to check out the Internet Safe Training: Online Cyber-Safety courses for parents. 

These courses will give you everything you need to make great decisions for your family to create an environment where technology is a tool used for safe fun, connection and education.

Choose from four tailor-made courses, each 30 minutes in length and designed to a suit specific age groups. The courses have practical actions for you to implement straight away. You can revisit the course again and again. 

To access: 

Use the following link: 

and then use the Redlands College unique passcode:  rcwp17


A how-to video can also be accessed via: