Year 11's Learn Surf Lifesaving

Sunday 19 Nov 2017 by Julian Newton - Year 11

This week, the Year 11 PE cohort travelled to Stradbroke Island to undertake the challenges Cylinder Beach had for us. We had learnt some surf lifesaving skills and techniques in the pool, but the surf brought forth a whole new element to the equation. What was easy in the pool became a whole lot harder when the waves were constantly crash up against you.

We learnt how to properly use tubes and rescue boards to save a patient, and how to assist with their recovery. The trainers from Point Lookout Surf Lifesaving Club (PLSLSC) taught us many new techniques to show us how to save someone from drowning in the surf and to apply basic first aid to an injured civilian.

After the amazing (and exhausting) day at Stradbroke, we returned home with more information and a new perspective on surf lifesaving.


IMG_0900 IMG_7742