Redlands College students join Overwatch

Wednesday 08 Nov 2017 by Achievements@Redlands

On Saturday 7 October, a team of six Year 7 Redlands College students became the first high school students in Australia to compete in a university eSports tournament; specifically Overwatch. 

They were invited to the challenge after a number of students began attending campus events at Queensland University of Technology such as the QUT Open Day and Robotronica.  Teams battled each other in playoffs throughout the day.  There was stiff competition from the QUT university students, but the boys eventually came up with a strategy that took everyone by surprise, causing the auditorium to erupt with shouts and cheers for the Redlands College team!  The event was also live streamed with over 500 logins watching online.  The atmosphere was electric, the students were in 'gaming heaven' and can't wait to do it all over again.  

Redlands College participants in the tournament were:

  • Nathan Elvery
  • Benjamin Greenwood
  • James Redpath
  • David Teh
  • Elijah Weller
  • Conland Window