Operation Christmas Child

Wednesday 09 Aug 2017 by Junior School

In Term 3, the Junior School will be participating in the Operation Christmas Child project, which involves filling shoeboxes with gifts to be distributed by Samaritan's Purse to needy children in Australia and around the world for Christmas. This is an exciting and valuable opportunity for us to put into practice many of the lessons we have been learning on assembly about gratitude, respect for others and compassion.

There are many different ways families can support this project. Here are some ideas...

* when you do the family grocery shop, you could add one item in your trolley for a shoebox (such as a notebook, small toy, hairbrush, cake of soap etc);

* if there are any 2 for the price of 1 specials on suitable items, you could keep one and donate one or if you buy a multipack of undies or socks or pencils, you could keep some and donate some;

* because it's good for us to sometimes give up something we don't need to help someone else have something they do need, you could decide on a treat to give up for one day or week  (e.g. chocolate biscuits, a dessert, or a meal at McDonalds) and instead spend that money on an item for a shoebox;

* you might like to think about shopping for shoebox items using some of your pocket money or some money you earn for doing extra chores.

If you would like to fill an entire shoebox as a family project, or to fill one for each child in your family, you are welcome to do that, but that is not an expectation. Any single donated item will be a precious gift to a child who is in need and has probably never received a present before in their lives.

Please note that we are not asking that you contribute the $10 per box freight cost in addition to shoebox items unless you wish to. Another option to consider is for another member of your wider family to 'sponsor your box' and contribute the freight cost.

There is no limit to the number of shoeboxes you may take. There will be a supply available from school (in M block, where we meet for assembly) or you are welcome to use your own boxes (but with a lid surface area of no larger than an A4 size piece of paper, for logistical reasons). There are also brochures containing gender/age labels for the boxes and more information.

If you would like more information or ideas about suitable shoebox gifts (and things that should not be included owing to customs or shipping regulations), feel free to contact Miss Kerridge at school or have a look at  the website

The deadline for return of boxes is the last Monday of this term, when we plan to present them to Trevor Morris, the Queensland manager of Samaritan’s Purse at assembly.