HPE students study Surf Life Saving

Sunday 30 Jul 2017 by Senior School

On Monday the 27 February our Year 12 Health and Physical Education (HPE) classes went to Stradbroke Island. The students have been participating in Surf Life Saving as a subject for HPE since the end of 2016. Each year the Year 12 students visit Stradbroke Island for two days of assessment, under the same conditions as the surf life saving Bronze medallion.






The assessments began with hand signals, which are used to communicate on the beach, followed by completing two consecutive run/swim/runs – which consist of a 200m run, a 200m swim followed by another 200m run, done twice. The students did extremely well, most of them staying together as a group throughout the whole swim.


The students then completed unconscious tube rescues and unconscious board rescues, where they worked together as a team. They learned how to retrieve the patient from the water then used the Acronym DRSABCD, which is the process of trying to revive an unconscious patient. They also practiced conscious and unconscious board rescues, which involved assessing the surf conditions and retrieving a patient on the board.


During the Christmas holidays a group of Redlands College students went to Stradbroke Island for a week's course to achieve their Bronze Medallion - all being successful in doing so.

Overall the students thoroughly enjoyed their first day trip and are looking forward to the next one.

Lachlan Stubbs & Shanay Swaney