Guest Artist

Thursday 15 Jun 2017 by By Shannon Ogborne and Will Langridge, Senior School Visual Art Captains.

During term 1 the Year 12, 11 and 10 art students were given the opportunity to work with and learn from one of Australia's leading full time artists, Marian Drew.  Ms Drew is renowned for her photography, and her technique of painting with light to, in her words "paint with environments".

During this workshop Ms Drew gave the students valuable insight and training in her art form; photography, which she describes as "a way to visualise things differently." To accomplish this she taught the students how to use cameras and lights to "paint with light". To do so she had the students create gestural sculptures, using a variety of bones, vegetation and other found objects joined roughly together. Upon entering the dark room the real magic began. Using a long exposure Ms Drew taught the students how to illuminate their works through the use of a torch, mimicking the brushstrokes of a painter to highlight and define these sculptures. The students then set to it, turning pieces of bone and clay into "painted" images. This process gives an almost mystical aura to the pieces, and enshrouds them, enrapturing the students and viewers within the subtle shadows and intricacies created.

Thanks to this workshop many of the students have now decided to utilise the skills and techniques taught for future art pieces. We are truly grateful to Marian Drew for giving up her time to teach and share with us her skills and knowledge.

Marian Drew

Pictured above: Marian Drew

Photo by Lydia Bensley

Above: Photo by Lydia Bensley taken during the workshop