eSafety@Redlands: iParent

Thursday 15 Jun 2017 by eSafety@Redlands

The Australian Government’s Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner website: was created as a one-stop-shop for online safety, providing up-to-date information and resources. This website provides Australian children, parents, carers and educators with information and advice about online safety. The Office also operates a complaints system so Australian children, young people and adults can report serious cyberbullying and illegal or offensive material found online.

Today we have a look at iParent, where parents can learn about the digital environment and keep updated on their children’s technology use.


While children might seem to be tech savvy, they still need a guiding hand to help make sure their online experience is positive and safe. 

Check out: to find out more about how to everyone can use technology appropriately to ensure a safe online environment.  Here you can find guidance for using safety settings on your family’s web-connected devices, tips for choosing movies and games and strategies for keeping young people safe online.