Geography students study climate change

Thursday 08 Jun 2017 by Senior School
This term, the Year 11 Geography students have been investigating environmental changes occurring in the Pacific Island region. The students' assignment requires them to focus their research on the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati.
Griffith University's International Business Development Unit helped our students to make contact with some people from the I-Kiribati community. Our students were able to interview the Kiribati residents and Kiribati expats to learn first-hand about their experiences with climate change in their country. Griffith University provides the AusAID KANI program - Kiribati Australia Nursing Initiative - for selected Kiribati nationals to study in Australia and gain nursing qualifications. This program not only provides benefits to Kiribati nationals but is also hoped to help mitigate a predicted nursing shortage in Australia. You can find more information about the Griffith University KANI program here.
In addition to their interviews with I-Kiribati, the students would also like to collect data on Australian residents' perspectives on climate change.
If you are an Australian resident of any age, our students would greatly appreciate if you could complete a short survey to help them with their research. Please note that the survey is anonymous. We anticipate that the survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Please click on this link to the survey.

Yr 11 Geography