A co-educational school providing quality learning experiences

Redlands College is a Christ-centred learning community of excellence, focussing on developing a supportive, innovative and challenging educational environment where students are able to achieve success in their area of interest and ability. Since opening in 1988 the College has grown and matured into a centre of educational excellence with a record of success in academic, sporting and cultural arenas. 

Every school community is unique. At Redlands College, one of our unique hallmarks is the authentic integration of both formation and education, as our passionate staff engage with the heart and mind of students during their learning journey. Our teaching staff support the College mission and ethos and contribute to a caring “family” atmosphere.

At Redlands College, we believe that schooling serves a far greater purpose than simply preparation for work – we believe it fulfils the formational role of developing character, values, ethics and attitudes alongside the educational role of developing creative, purposeful and competent skills and knowledge. We also seek to prepare students to engage in a future vocational journey which will require both their heart and head. 

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"I am often blown away with the care of the staff who go out of their way to ensure the holistic wellbeing of the students. Most schools can deliver an education; Redlands delivers confident, self-assured, well-rounded, caring young adults who are happy within themselves and ready to deal with the world."
Barb Taylor, Alumni parent

Our focus is on students and their individual learning journey

At Redlands College we have an unrelenting focus on quality learning in every classroom every day. We advocate high expectations and a commitment to excellence by working intentionally with students.  We seek to be a school that effectively combines tradition and experience with the excitement of innovation, creativity and collaboration. We want our students to be challenged to achieve their goals and to take advantage of the opportunities available.

As a Prep to Year 12 learning community of 1300 students, the focus on academics, creative arts, sports, outdoor education, vocational education and character development, ensures students can engage with an area of learning that they enjoy and find success in.

A Redlands College education involves an intentional focus on the three key elements of Curious Minds, Loving Hearts and Serving Hands, to ensure that students are well-equipped to live Purposeful Lives as they reflect the nature and character of Jesus Christ within whatever future vocational context they pursue.


Focus on learning, development and cooperation

Redlands College exists to inspire character formation and student learning, as we prepare young people to serve God and positively influence the world

We offer a broad range of subjects that allow for a wide variety of learning experiences including both academic and vocational pathways. We also provide a range of high quality extracurricular options including: performing arts, instrumental music, a Sports Excellence Program, debating, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, and multiple mission opportunities.