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Stephen Handreck

Jun 13, 2018, 10:06 AM
Position : Dean of Health & Physical Education
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Passionate about the holistic health of students and staff, I recognise the importance of healthy diet, quality sleep, being physically active and allowing time for rest and recovery. I endeavour to provide opportunities for students to build lifelong skills within Health and Physical Education, to help them become an educated and healthy citizen. Stepping into the new role of Dean of HPE, I am excited about the challenges and opportunities this year will bring, along with the changing syllabus in Senior School.

Though I enjoy participating in all sports, I have a particular interest in Cycling, AFL, Team Handball and Golf. Having participated at an elite level, I understand the importance that participating in HPE can have on understanding the body and how best to use the gifts and talents that God has provided us with. I hope that all students can find their God given talents and use them to their best abilities, whether it is in a sporting context or in something else.

I am extremely excited to be working at Redlands College and look forward to the years ahead as Dean of HPE, supporting staff and students in accomplishing their goals.