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Roshea Buksh

Jun 12, 2018, 11:40 AM
Position : Director of Learning and Training
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I’m excited to be a part of the Redlands College leadership team. I have over a decade of experience in Christian schooling in senior and middle leadership positions.

My passion and reason for being at Redlands College is captured in my position as the Director of Learning and Training. The purpose of learning is to equip students with agency and a sense of purpose along with critical and creative thinking skills to help shape their lives whilst contributing positively to others. Schooling at Redlands is about catering to students unique learning DNA and providing them with a myriad of opportunities.

My focus is to forge strong partnerships with industry, universities and other tertiary organisations to provide pathways that connect students to their future now. That is, students can study university subjects, diplomas, certificates or be learning and earning through traineeships or internships whilst being a student at Redlands.

My aim is to create a meaningful and rich learning environment that supports and motivates each student to nurture his or her God-given gifts and talents by making connections with community, industry and environmental organisations to their own learning passions in collaboration with others. My role includes working with teachers to design and develop learning which is co-curated with community and industry in order to develop curiosity, imagination, resilience and solution fluency with our students.