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The Academic Development Team is led by the Director of Learning & Training with a focus on the scope and sequencing of curriculum from P-12, discipline specific pedagogy, classroom innovation, teaching for learning, assessment and data analysis, staff peer observations, professional learning and customised support for student learning. 

Staff in the Academic Development Team are ready to assist with questions or issues related to curriculum, assessment or learning in respective subject areas. 

Michelle Sprenger

Jun 13, 2018, 09:34 AM
Position : Director of Years P-2
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In January 2009, I commenced teaching in Prep at Redlands College after completing my Master of Education degree in Early Childhood. Prior to my time at Redlands, I taught across the scope of Primary in a number of Christian schools and worked with Early Childhood preservice teachers in two Brisbane universities. It has been a joy to undertake the roles of Senior Teacher and Geography Coordinator whilst teaching in our vibrant Junior School.

In my role as Director of Years P-2, I am passionate about connecting our families into our Redlands community and building a strong learning foundation for our youngest learners. I recognise the significance of these formative years as the foundation for all future learning and believe the early years of schooling are the most critical time for children to develop a positive self-image, as capable and confident learners.

Our early years teachers are a team of highly skilled and committed Christian teachers who share this passion and work prayerfully with each child and their families to provide a nurturing and supportive environment in which our students thrive. Learning in our early years classrooms is language-rich, hands-on, play-based, collaborative, creative and highly engaging. Here, a sense of wonder ignites the joy of learning for life.