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Michelle Sprenger

Jun 13, 2018, 09:34 AM
Position : Director of Years P-2
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In January 2009, I commenced teaching in Prep at Redlands College after completing my Master of Education degree in Early Childhood. Prior to my time at Redlands, I taught across the scope of Primary in a number of Christian schools and worked with Early Childhood preservice teachers in two Brisbane universities. It has been a joy to undertake the roles of Senior Teacher and Geography Coordinator whilst teaching in our vibrant Junior School.

In my role as Director of Years P-2, I am passionate about connecting our families into our Redlands community and building a strong learning foundation for our youngest learners. I recognise the significance of these formative years as the foundation for all future learning and believe the early years of schooling are the most critical time for children to develop a positive self-image, as capable and confident learners.

Our early years teachers are a team of highly skilled and committed Christian teachers who share this passion and work prayerfully with each child and their families to provide a nurturing and supportive environment in which our students thrive. Learning in our early years classrooms is language-rich, hands-on, play-based, collaborative, creative and highly engaging. Here, a sense of wonder ignites the joy of learning for life.