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The Academic Development Team is led by the Director of Learning & Training with a focus on the scope and sequencing of curriculum from P-12, discipline specific pedagogy, classroom innovation, teaching for learning, assessment and data analysis, staff peer observations, professional learning and customised support for student learning. 

Staff in the Academic Development Team are ready to assist with questions or issues related to curriculum, assessment or learning in respective subject areas. 

Lauren Watterson

Aug 3, 2018, 12:02 PM
Position : Dean of Junior Teaching for Learning
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The role of Dean of Junior Teaching for Learning encapsulates my goal to see students develop as 21st Century learners through meaningful learning experiences. Partnering with our dynamic Junior School team, it is my privilege to facilitate our collective expertise in the continuous development of our pedagogy. I am passionate about students enthusiastically engaging with curriculum, and developing skills such as creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. 

As a graduate of Redlands College, the school’s philosophy of learning has shaped both my character and career. Prior to commencing at Redlands in 2014, I taught in Christian schools in Ipswich and Townsville. As a Christian seeking to engage deeply with my Creator, I have also completed a Graduate Diploma of Divinity and been involved in a wide range of church-based ministry, particularly working with women and children. Christ-centred excellence is truly an apt way to describe myself as an educator.