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Kimberly Fukushige

Aug 3, 2018, 13:11 PM
Position : Dean of Languages
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Graduating from the University of Queensland majoring in Japanese and Political science, I soon followed this with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. A few years later, I completed a Master in Applied Linguistics (TESOL) through Macquarie University. I am very excited to be working in the role of Dean of Languages at Redlands College.

Being passionate about language learning, I have geared my own tertiary education as well as professional development projects towards a career in teaching foreign language. I lived nine years in Japan and have experience in a variety of international educational settings. Following this time abroad, I returned to Australia with my family, and commenced work at Redlands College. Currently in my fifteenth year of employment at the College, I have focused on building the language program to include a variety of trips and cultural exchanges which give students opportunities to apply knowledge they have gained in the classroom.

I believe that each student can succeed with a strong work ethic and persistence and am passionate in helping students to achieve their potential. In the classroom, my aim is to foster responsibility, commitment and a positive work attitude in students while  enjoying and appreciating the culture of the language.