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The Academic Development Team is led by the Director of Learning & Training with a focus on the scope and sequencing of curriculum from P-12, discipline specific pedagogy, classroom innovation, teaching for learning, assessment and data analysis, staff peer observations, professional learning and customised support for student learning. 

Staff in the Academic Development Team are ready to assist with questions or issues related to curriculum, assessment or learning in respective subject areas. 

Kimberly Fukushige

Aug 3, 2018, 13:11 PM
Position : Dean of Languages
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Graduating from the University of Queensland majoring in Japanese and Political science, I soon followed this with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. A few years later, I completed a Master in Applied Linguistics (TESOL) through Macquarie University. I am very excited to be working in the role of Dean of Languages at Redlands College.

Being passionate about language learning, I have geared my own tertiary education as well as professional development projects towards a career in teaching foreign language. I lived nine years in Japan and have experience in a variety of international educational settings. Following this time abroad, I returned to Australia with my family, and commenced work at Redlands College. Currently in my fifteenth year of employment at the College, I have focused on building the language program to include a variety of trips and cultural exchanges which give students opportunities to apply knowledge they have gained in the classroom.

I believe that each student can succeed with a strong work ethic and persistence and am passionate in helping students to achieve their potential. In the classroom, my aim is to foster responsibility, commitment and a positive work attitude in students while  enjoying and appreciating the culture of the language.