Leadership team profiles

The Academic Development Team is led by the Director of Learning & Training with a focus on the scope and sequencing of curriculum from P-12, discipline specific pedagogy, classroom innovation, teaching for learning, assessment and data analysis, staff peer observations, professional learning and customised support for student learning. 

Staff in the Academic Development Team are ready to assist with questions or issues related to curriculum, assessment or learning in respective subject areas. 

Kellee Ware

Jun 13, 2018, 09:39 AM
Position : Director of Years 3-5
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It has been a privilege to be a teacher at Redlands College for the past 23 years, during which I have taught in Years 4, 5, 6, and 7 and have gathered a vast amount of experience in education. I love being part of the Redlands College family and one of the benefits of working here is the community environment.

In my role as Director of Years 3 to 5, I am responsible for fostering the culture, learning and care of students in the upper Junior School and with my colleagues, I endeavour to develop positive partnerships with students, parents and staff to foster an encouraging, challenging learning environment that focuses on the development of the whole person.

I am passionate about teaching and also serve as a teacher in a Year 5 classroom in a part time capacity. This helps me maintain my teaching skills and close contact with the students and parents.