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The Academic Development Team is led by the Director of Learning & Training with a focus on the scope and sequencing of curriculum from P-12, discipline specific pedagogy, classroom innovation, teaching for learning, assessment and data analysis, staff peer observations, professional learning and customised support for student learning. 

Staff in the Academic Development Team are ready to assist with questions or issues related to curriculum, assessment or learning in respective subject areas. 

Joel Hughes

Jun 13, 2018, 10:09 AM
Position : Dean of Christian Studies
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With a background in Middle School education, I commenced work at Redlands College in 2015. My focus is on engaging students in thought regarding their worldview. I also relish the opportunity to teach English. Having taught in private schools for over ten years, my experience prior to teaching was in management and ministry.

As Dean of Christian Studies, I am assisting in the formation of a unique Christian Studies program across a number of year levels. This subject will engage students’ minds and hearts as they learn to know God, know about God and partner with God in His ministry in the world today.