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Our heritage

Redlands College was established by members of the Churches of Christ who held a passion and pioneering vision for Christian education. This vision was led by Mr Allan Todd, founding College Headmaster, who from his teenage years had a compelling dream to establish a Christ-centred school in which all students could learn. A Steering Committee was formed in May 1985 to commence the process of turning this dream for a Christian school into reality and in November 1985 a Faith Dinner was held to formally launch the plans and commence fundraising. 

Pioneers who were involved in this early steering committee included Allan Todd, Jeanette Newton, Brian Schilling, Doug Taylor, Michel Cheketri, Al Pillinger, Norm Cardinal, Roger Reed, Allen Hibberd, Tony Knowles, Marguerite Rundle, Ross Leggatt and Elaine Leggatt. After exploring different locations to establish the school, the block of land in Anson Rd was purchased in 1987. The College was opened on 1 February 1988 with 91 students from Years 1 – 8. These students are fondly referred to as “Muddies”, as the combination of large volumes of rain and little grass covering on the school grounds during the early months resulted in shoes and classroom floors being covered in mud.

The school commenced with demountable buildings, however construction of permanent buildings was already underway. A, B & C blocks were completed by April and the official opening was held on 23 May 1988. Construction of new buildings occurred throughout the first 6 years of the College, including the Administration Building (1989), D Block (1990), E Block (1991), F Block (1992) and the Library (1993).

The College grew from 91 students to 675 during its first five years of operation and the first Year 12 students graduated in 1992. By the Year 2000 there were 1050 students enrolled in the College, and there are currently over 1300 students enrolled from Prep to Year 12. During its 30 years of operation, Redlands College has developed a reputation as a Christ-centred community of learning excellence.

Mr Allan Todd, the founding College Headmaster served Redlands College tirelessly for 26 years from 1988 to his retirement in 2013. Mr Mark Bensley served as Principal from 2014 – 2016, demonstrating a passion for students and their learning. Mr Andrew Johnson commenced as Principal in 2017.

Growth of the Redlands College campus between 1988 and 1996


Redlands College was birthed in the faith tradition of Churches of Christ and continues to be owned and governed from this faith heritage. The College is owned by an Association called Redlands Combined Independent College Inc comprised of current members of autonomous Churches of Christ. The Board of Management are elected from this Association. The College Board provides governance, spiritual oversight and strategic vision for the College and works in close partnership with the College Principal and Executive staff.  

Redlands College Board of Management Chairs

1987 - 1992Dr Allen Hibberd
1992 - 1993Tony Knowles
1993 - 1995Dr Allen Hibberd
1995 - 1997Ross Leggatt
1997 - 1998Peter Searson
1998 - 2006Ross Leggatt
2006 - 2010Warren Faulks
2010 - 2013Jonathan Leijen
2014 - 2020Jamie Ware
2020 - currentJonathan Leijen

Current Directors on the Redlands College Board

Jonathan LeijenJonathan Leijen (B.Bus (Accounting), Grad Dip IT, CPA) joined the Redlands College Board in 2006.  He is currently serving as Board Chair. With a background in accounting and finance, he is currently in the role of commercial manager at a private hospital.  Jonathan and his wife Jenny have five children and are members of the Holland Park Church of Christ. 

Ben BridgesBen Bridges (B.InfoTech) joined the Redlands College Board in 2009 and is currently serving as the Board Deputy Chair.  He has worked in the information technology field since 2003 for both the public and private sectors.  Ben, a past student of Redlands College, is married to Kay.  They have three children attending Redlands College.  Their family worships with the Holland Park Church of Christ.

Rebecca ShepherdRebecca Shepherd (BSW) has recently returned to the Redlands College Board in 2018 after a three year break while living in the USA.  She originally joined the Redlands College Board in 2008.  She is currently serving as the Board Secretary.  With a background in Office Management, she is currently working in an Administration role.  Rebecca is married to Mike Shepherd who is serving as the Christian Formation Coordinator at Redlands College.  They have three sons and a daughter-in-law.  They worship at Redlands Community Church.

David O'DellDavid O’Dell (MBA, B. BusMgmt) joined the Redlands College Board in 2009 and is currently serving as a Board Treasurer.  He is a division General Manager for a manufacturing / construction company with overall responsibility for Profit & Loss on the East Coast.  David and his wife Rachel have a son and daughter and are members at Holland Park Church of Christ.  David has strong relationships with current and past staff and students of the College. 

Anne Wellburn

Anne Wellburn (B. Bus (Health Administration)) joined the Redlands College Board in 2017.  With a background in Health Information Management, she currently works as a Coding Quality Officer for a large Brisbane hospital.  She is passionate about the Christ-centred learning environment at Redlands College and the impact it has on the students, teachers, families and wider community.  Anne and her husband, Graeme have two children.  Their daughter graduated from Redlands College in 2018 and their son is a student at the College.  They worship at Redlands Community Church.  The family enjoy spending time together on outback Queensland camping adventures. 

Nathan Frost

Nathan Frost joined the Redlands College Board in 2018.  He has a background in information technology and non-profit association legislation administration. He currently works in the public sector.  Nathan and his wife Helen have two children attending Redlands College and they worship at Redlands Community Church. 


Caroline Dobson joined the Redlands College Board in 2019.  Caroline's parents were members of the original steering committee for the College and she was a student at the College on its first day - a 'muddie'.  Caroline and her husband have 4 children attending Redlands College.  As an alumni, parent and past employee, Caroline has a deep knowledge of the College.  Caroline attends the Holland Park Church of Christ.  

Redlands College The Story of a Queensland School (1988 - 2012)

Rob Marriott Book imageTo learn more about the history of Redlands College, this book written by Robert Marriott is available from Public Reception at Redlands College or http://www.gondorwriterscentre.com/redlands-college.html or redcol88to12@gmail.com

The black and white edition is $25.00 and the electronic version is $10.00

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