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The Redlands College Tuckshop is located opposite the library, just down the path from the student administration office.  Redlands College promotes healthy eating habits.

We will be introducing online ordering into the Redlands College tuckshop during Term 1 - more information will follow soon.


Monday - Friday:

10:15 am – 11:00 am (Morning Break)

12:30 pm   – 1:00 pm (Afternoon Break)

The tuckshop operates on the ‘brown paper bag’ system for students in Junior School.  

To better assist our volunteers, please remember the following points when writing out your child’s order: Use separate bags for each break, as well as for hot and cold items.  Please include details of your child's name, class, and which break the order is for.  


Monday - Friday:

10:13 am – 10:38 am (Morning Break)

12:47 pm   – 1:29 pm (Afternoon Break)

Lunch may be pre-ordered by Middle and Senior School students before school or at morning break. Sandwiches must be pre-ordered.

VOLUNTEER ROSTER: We always appreciate extra volunteers to help out at the tuckshop, if you are able to help please contact our Tuckshop staff on 3286 0222 to be placed on the roster. Roster updates are available directly from the friendly Tuckshop staff.