Great opportunity for young writers

Sunday 12 Nov 2017 by Redlands College Library
Are you one of the many gifted writers, over the age of 15, in the student body at Redlands College?
Would you like to attend workshops by published young writers and industry professionals? 
If so, click on the link to find out more about the Young Writers Conference 
at the State Library of Queensland. 
Listen to panel discussions about being a young writer and learn from those who have successfully trailblazed the path to being published. 
Workshops and panel discussions at the conference:

How to get a book published in your twenties
Panel featuring Lech Blaine, Steph Bowe, Shastra Deo, Bri Lee and Rebecca Jessen

Life notes: writing memoir
Panel featuring Lech Blaine and Bri Lee

Line by line: writing poetry
Panel featuring Shastra Deo and Rebecca Jessen

After the draft: editing your own work 
Workshop featuring Grace Lucas-Pennington

Building better stories: writing narrative fiction    
Workshop featuring Laura Elvery

Make them real: writing complex characters
Workshop featuring Steph Bowe

Pitch, submit, sell
Panel featuring Laura Elvery, Mindy Gill, Grace McCarter and Jackie Ryan

Behind the curtain: editors and publishers
Panel featuring Mindy Gill (Peril magazine), Jerath Head (Griffith Review), Kristina Schulz (UQP) and Grace Lucas-Pennington (black & write!)


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Don't just dream of being a writer, start your journey now!