School Banking commences Week 1 of Term 1, 2017

Friday 19 May 2017 by Student banking co-ordinators

School Banking day at Redlands College is Wednesdays. Banking will commence in Week 1 (Wednesday, 25 January).

For further information regarding the Commonwealth Bank school banking program, please visit:

If your child wishes to participate in the school banking program they will need to have a Youthsaver account with the Commonwealth Bank.  There are a number of ways to open an account:-

(A) online (see CBA link above - nb: as of this year, you do not need to be an existing CBA customer to open an account online in your child's name)

(B)  in person at any Commonwealth Bank branch 

(C)  at the account opening session that will be held at school (further details will be provided in due course as to date and location) 

You will need to ensure you have identification documents for yourself (driver licence or passport) and your child (birth certificate) in order to open an account. 

Please Note: Children with an existing account do not need to open a new account to participate in school banking – just send their completed deposit book in to school on Wednesday mornings.

Junior school students should put their deposit book in their class banking bag.  Middle and Senior school students can hand their deposit books in at student reception (or send in with a sibling in Junior school).

If you have any questions about the School Banking program at Redlands College – please contact our Student Banking Co-ordinator (Nicole Lloyd) on 0438 877 818 or by email at:

Kind regards

Redlands College Student Banking Co-ordinators